Friday, May 22, 2009

80% Off at

Enter Discount Code: SPECIAL at checkout
and receive 80% off.

A $25 Gift Certificate* will only be $2

*They call it a "Gift Certificate" but it is more of a coupon.
You must purchase a certain amount
and then you can use your $25 "Gift Certificate" towards your total.

At the Bistro in Ogden you can get a $25 Gift Certificate for $2
You must spend $50
Only 1 per party.

So, you will get a $50 Meal for only $27

What CHEEP dates can you create with this great discount?
Share your CHEEP dates with us!


Tyler and Kristen said...

check this out. free chocolate coupons every friday!

April said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like the ideas on your blog. {following your feed now} Thanks.

Shellie said...

I used a coupon the other day. For a italian restaurant here in Georgia called "Ippolitos" it cost $2!!! we loved it!