Friday, April 17, 2009

Sitter Swapping- Free Baby Sitter

Step 1 in creating Cheep Dates- (if you have children)
Cut your dates by 50%

Find a few friends that would also want free babysitting. Have them watch your kids on Friday and you watch thiers on Saturday. Need an all day date or over nighter? Just watch your friends' kids all day and you've earned it.

Sitter Swapping Benefits:
-Your kids get to hang out with friends
-Don't have to search for a good babysitter
(mom's make the best sitters)
-If your date runs long you just owe more time not more money

If you can't Swap at least team up.
Split the cost of a Sitter with another couple. If you normally pay $3/hr for 2 kids, add another 2 kids and pay $5 an hour ($2.50/hr for each family) depending on your sitter some will take extra kids for only $1 more.

There's also Grandma's House..... love you mom!