Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hometown Magazine Coupons

Hometown Magazine
Lot's of great coupons. We suggest keeping it in your car just in case....

"You decide to get your oil changed at Grease Monkey, (save $5),
by the time your car is ready your kid is going bizzerk, so you take them to Chick-fil-A, (FREE), they spill ketchup all over their shirt so you go to Once Upon a Child (save $5 on $20), while there you remember the potluck work party for your husband TODAY, and stop at Cold Stone to pick up some impressive cupcakes, (save $3), as you're getting back in the car from dropping off cupcakes, the wind blows your skirt up and you are blinded by your white legs....TANNING EMERGENCY!!! You drop Johnny off at a friends house and head to Some like it HOT, ($25 package, save $29), You pick up Johnny from the friend to find he has cut his hair on one side and is so proud, so off to Fantastic Sam's, (save $2). After your husband gets home, and after a long day you just need a massage at Euphoria, (save $10) sigh."
Thanks to Hometown Magazine you saved a total of ($55)


Taco John's Event Center- BOGO FREE Mini Golf or Skating pg. 7
Sanford's FREE Brick of Onion Rings, pg. 7 (no purchase)
Shari's BOGO FREE Lunch, pg. 13
Shari's BOGO FREE Breakfast, pg. 14
Chick-fil-A FREE Chicken Sandwich, pg. 15 (no purchase)