Friday, September 18, 2009


Do you miss Summer already?
We hope this Giveaway puts a little sunshine in your day.
Ruby Juice has the freshest, yummiest lunches and smoothies.
"I love anything with pineapple"

You can win an entire lunch at Ruby Juice!

1 FREE WRAP of your choice
and 16oz. Smoothie

and chips

Here's how you can win!

Finish the sentence:
You know your a "cheep date" when....

1. Comment on this post
2. Become a follower
3. Link to us on your blog (let us know in a comment)

1. Leave a comment for each entry
2. 5 entries per family
3. You can enter until Sept. 24th at midnight
4. Winner will be randomly selected and announce on Sept. 25th

If you just can't wait for your smoothie,
take your kids and enjoy their great
Snack'm Kids Meal
for $3.99.
Fresh fruits, wraps, and smoothie.

Click HERE for a 15% Off Coupon
at Ruby Juice


Molly and Jay said...

...When you are trying to win the prize from your own blog!

Haylee said...

...when you're ecstatic upon hearing about the "Cheep Date" blog! BTW, copied your button to my family blog.

Haylee said... always bring the kids along 'cause you can't stand paying for babysitters.

Haylee said... split an appetizer for dinner and that's ALL you both get.

Haylee said... stay at home, eat leftovers, and talk about what you would have done and where you would have gone had you not been so "cheep."

Haylee said... pay for dinner and entertainment with the spare change you have collected over the last month from your car, couch cushions, and parking lots.

Rebecca said...

When where you go out to eat is based on which coupon you have and if it's the best.

Rebecca said...

I follow

Adrienne said...

your holding off going on a date till your oldest is old enough to babysit because the thought of paying a babysit is "OUCH"