Friday, October 2, 2009

CHEEP Date Night Idea

Mexican Food at Guadalajara
Appetizer: Chips w/Bean Dip and Salsa- FREE
Drink: Water with Lemon and Lime
Dinner: Chicken, Pork, or Beef Taco- $2.50
Not too much food, just right to still feel GREAT!

Spending time with each other: Priceless!

Popcorn and a Drink: Pick this up at Target- $1.50

Dollar Movie: The Proposal

Babysitter: Swap with a friend- FREE

TOTAL for 2:
Dinner: $7 (with tip)
Treats: $3
Movie: $2
= $12

We took the kids.
Fun, but not considered a Date Night.


Carissa said...

I love Guadalajeras!

lyssa said...

Hmmmm, can I print this out and subtly tape it to the tv where my hubby could just happen to see it...