Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What to do this Weekend- Wednesday

Ready for some Halloween fun?
This may be your weekend!

What: The Shoot Out Cheyenne
When: October 23-25
Where: Train Depot/Lincoln Theater
Cost: Depends on participation

I had not heard of this before. This is Cheyenne's own film
festival competition where teams can enter to film their own
7 minute movie in 24 hours using only a video camera
(no editing software). You have to incorporate different assigned
things into your movie. There is a showing of the top 10 and awards
ceremony on Sunday. Tickets (to the showing) are $7 at the
Lincoln Theater at noon.

For more info or to enter the competition click here.

What: Cheyenne Railway Ghost Tours
When: October 23-24, 6 and 8 PM
Where: Cheyenne Depot
Cost: $10/adult $5/kids

Go on a spooky railway ride touring the spooky places/roads in Cheyenne. Complete with ghost stories! Get tickets in advance from the
Cheyenne Area Convention & Visitors Bureau in the Cheyenne Depot (121 W. 15th).

For more info, call 778-3133.

What: Halloween Frankenstring Magic Trick Craft
When: October 24, 10-11 AM
Where: Lowe's
Cost: Free!

Click here for our previous post


What: Nightmare on 17th Street Haunted House*
When: October 22-24, 7-11 PM
Where: 17th Street?
Cost: $7/person (no kids under 6)

*I will not be attending this because: I am a pansy.


What:World Resonances LCCC Choral Ensembles
When: October 25, 3 p.m.
Where:St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Cost: Free!

Listen to the LCCC women's and men's ensembles
perform songs from around the globe.


What: The Shoot Out Top 10 Show
When: October 25, 12 PM
Where: Lincoln Theater
Cost: $7/person

See above for more information.

Hope you have a SPOOKY weekend!