Monday, March 22, 2010

Giveaway #2

Okay, since we don't have a Ben & Jerry's locally for FREE Icecream
We're giving away 3 Smoothies at Ruby Juice!

3 people will win 1 small SMOOTHY of their choice

How to win:
1. Comment: What's your favorite "cheep date"?

2. Become a follower, or leave a comment that you are already.

(1 entry per person)


Rebecca said...

My favorite cheap date is when I can use a coupon everywhere I go in one evening!

Rebecca said...

i follow.

Haylee said...

Air-popped popcorn and a movie rental to watch at home is one of my favorite "cheep dates." Kinda boring, but I love it! I'm already a follower.

CheepCheepDates said...

Haylee- send us your email @ and we will send you your certificate to print out and redeem.