Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mommy Daughter Date

Today I took K out for a Mommy Daughter Date.
We went to Micheal's and did the
American Girl Doll Craft.
It was GREAT!!!
There were 3 crafts to do and you could
basically do as many as you wanted.
They were easy enough for a 3 year old
and cute enough for mom.
Check it out!


Here's a few new "cheep chicks" that we met at Micheal's:

Tonja and A

Haylee and T

Micheal's will be having a lot of fun events
over the holiday months
Make sure you stay posted!


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CheepCheepDates said...

Haylee, just put 2 and 2 together. Thanks for all your cute comments on the Giveaway. So great to meet you.

Haylee said...

You, too! I'm sure we'll be running into each other again soon. :)